Poopooman gun battle

Poopooman gun battle

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Poopooman gun battle Game

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A shooting small game, the second part of this series, optimization of the interface and play game, experience poopooman superb marksmanship. Poopooman internal since the last after a fight, the internal everyone look at the others not pleasing to the eye, often small friction, as the steady accumulation of friction, today finally erupted new infighting. Hurry up to challenge!

How to Play:
Player 1: the direction key move jump, Z key shooting, X key bombs; player 2: WASD key control movement, shooting T key, Y key bombs; Player 3: digital key / 789 key mobile jump, * key shooting, – keys bombs; Player. 4: the number keys 1235 key mobile jump, 0 key shooting,. Key bombs;

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