Onomastica Game


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Onomastica Game

(Avg: 3.0)Rating saved

A stylistic pop art game where you must use the words to your advantage! Keep running right, push words together, pull word apart, use all of the clues.

How to Play Onomastica Game:
Arrow keys to move

Tags: word games · running games · brain games · thinking games

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FromAtoZany 17
15 months ago
Clever game but very short.
Vanias Trance
Vanias Trance 3
15 months ago
Awesome game idea,playing with the words..too easy though :(..In the sequel i expect it to be harder!!
Devourer 35
15 months ago
70% Boring..
FridgeOfDoom 11
15 months ago
Wow,thats a cool game idea, buts a bit too easy.