Magnate MBA

Magnate MBA

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Magnate MBA Game

(Rating: 4.9)Rating saved

Compete and collaborate in a market-based world of hostile takeovers, massive corporate failures, raiders, treachery, and business dynaisties.

How to Play:
Construction. Start out by constructing businesses in retail, manufacturing or mining using the “Construct” menu. Inventory for your retail stores and factories is automatically purchased on the market if you do not have any in your warehouses, so long as it is cost effective. Market prices respond directly to supply and demand from players so over-supplied products are cheep, scarce products are expensive. e.g. If you see players constructing car factories, expect the price of cars to drop. Keep an eye on market prices – they can move very quickly as players trade products, and as factories and mines start and stop production. Regions. You can only build in regions where you have a permit – you start with region unlocked, and you unlock other regions at that local City Hall. Eventually you’ll find other creative ways to make cash and keep your company in the black. Controls: Zoom the map in/out using the mouse wheel, or + and -. Scroll the map using click and drag or arrow keys

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