Hummer Limo Parking

Hummer Limo Parking

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Hummer Limo Parking Game

(Rating: 3.0)Rating saved

Give your best by parking this luxury car and unlock all twelve levels! Driving a limo is not as easy as driving a regular car, because of its much longer shape. Use your Arrow keys to control the Hummer limo and the Space bar to brake. Bumping into other cars will damage your car, so try to avoid it. Park your car safely before the time expires and you can move on to the next stage, which becomes more challenging. Giving up is not an option, so prove you are the best car driver out there and complete the game!

How to Play:
Use Arrow keys to control the vehicle and Space key to brake.

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115 months ago
The car is too big
Alexis192 3
117 months ago
This game is gay
junaid barakzai
junaid barakzai 3
118 months ago
it over
aia 2
122 months ago
yes very big car

HarleyQuinn 21
122 months ago
The car's too big, it's too much of a challenge to even get through the first level.