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Pyjaman Game

(Rating: 3.0)Rating saved

Help everyone sleep peacefully as you fight bad dreams as Pyjaman!

How to Play:
Mouse to interact

Sponsored by: Lagged.com

Tags: point and click · adventure · mouse

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StayStrong85 10
105 months ago
should be arrow keys not point and click
soothsayer 14
105 months ago
Another point and click game... solve puzzles by clicking on objects within the screen. Though I dislike this genre of games as much as the dress-up ones, I will admit that the graphics are better than most, but that's it.

If these games were to offer or subtract points for the number of clicks, then perhaps it'd be better, or maybe even allow time bonuses... but such isn't the case.

Due to the ease and the nature of the game, along with no scoring, I would assume that these are geared for the younger crowd, and as such, it would probably rate high. However, the ability to click on anything and everything for something to happen kind of limits the whole puzzle solving aspect. 2/5