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Duke Dashington Walkthrough
Move through the cave as Duke Dashington, an epic explorer who has an attitude.

Magic Safari 2 Walkthrough
Remove any obstructions in your way then start up your car to clear each level.

Mysterious North Brother Island Escape Walkthrough
Try to escape from this island!

G4K Snow Bear Escape Walkthrough
Help the bear escape from the harsh environment.

BLOCnog Walkthrough
Slide the blocks into the goal line. Use a variety of block abilities to match the pattern needed to complete each level.

Fun in the Sun Walkthrough
While on vacation you need to find 5 thousand dollars. Adventure around the resort and see if you can find some cash.

Supers Sports Surgery Basketball Walkthrough
You are a sports star who is needed to perform surgery on the injured referee. Pull parts, stitch things together and save the day.

Payphone Mania Walkthrough
You are an angry dad who needs to figure out how to pay your phone bills! Keep your cool as you pay for your phone calls.

Disaster Will Strike 5 Walkthrough
Create natural disaster to bring down different buildings and to crack all of the eggs.

Find the Candy Kids Walkthrough
Find all three stars while searching for the hidden candy in each level. Use different objects to help unlock the yummy candy.

Micrics Walkthrough
Squish the bad jellies by smashing your blocks together.

Cube Escape Harveys Box Walkthrough
Cube Escape series continues with more logic and puzzles for you to try to work through.

Red Oz Episode 1 Walkthrough
Collect items and try to find out where you are and how you got there.

Wheely 5 Armageddon Walkthrough
The cute car Wheely returns with a lot of new objects and gadgets to get through so you can find the flag.

Amigo Pancho 6 Walkthrough
Travel the world and help your balloon buddy to the top of each level. Toggle objects on or off and destroy terrain all with the click of a mouse!

Tiny Treasure Walkthrough
Use team work to collect the treasure in each logic based level. Each knight has his own abilities so use them to your advantage to get rich for the kingdom.

Age Manipulation 2 Walkthrough
Click or right click to make the blocks bigger or smaller. Remove all of the baddies as you manipulate the age of your heroes.

Coldgrip Walkthrough
Adventure through the snow to collect items that will help you survive the harsh winter. Try not to go crazy as you embark on your cold quest.

Cube Escape Arles Walkthrough
Find your way out of the room in the latest addition to the Cube Escape series.

Trollface Quest 13 Walkthrough
Do not let the troll be happy, make him mad.

Escape from the Catacombs Walkthrough
The catacombs are an old underground network that is unmapped and sadly you have become lost. Will you join the lost souls and become a bag of bones or will you escape! Use your brain to find clues on how to get the hell out of this spooky place.

Sugar Sugar 3 Walkthrough
Sugar, yes please! Put all of the sugar in the cups in the return of the sweetest puzzle game on the net.

Sherlock Holmes 2 Walkthrough
Can you help the famous detective solve the mystery by collecting items and piecing the clues together.

GraviCat Walkthrough
Help the cat get to the big juicy piece of meat by thinking ahead and utilizing gravity to your advantage.

Terrorist Despoiler Walkthrough
Stop the bad guys and save the day by laying dynamite along the bridges the terror truck is trying to pass. Click detonate and hope that your plan works.

Monkey Go Happy Ninjas 2 Walkthrough
Find all of the ninjas to make all of the sad monkeys go happy.

Game Init Walkthrough
You have created something and it has been suffering for too long. Try to find the solution in this unique platformer. An atmospheric platformer game that features a double jumping mechanic via light. A meta story about a programmer and his creation that pulls you in with surprising 2 endings.

Level Editor 4 Wild West Walkthrough
Edit the level to help the stick figure through each logic based level. Collect new items and use them to your advantage in this thinking based puzzle game from A10.

Ninja Shape Walkthrough
Transform the ninjas so you can move towards your master in each level.

Puzzle Tower Walkthrough
Use team work to unlock all of the doors and collect all of the coins.

Another Small Favor Walkthrough
A small favor returns and you have to complete another small favor! Help the alien guy collect items and finish his quest in time.

Sideomorph Walkthrough
Very fun logic based platform puzzle game from Dojo. Move through the block level and push the walls so gravity changes to make it possible for you to walk to the exit.

Footprints Walkthrough
Move your piece throughout the level without going over your own footprints. Collect keys and get to the exit in each logic based level.

Tricky Drive Walkthrough
Place objects to fill gaps and other obstacles to help the vehicles to pass through each stage.

Theropods Walkthrough
Click on items and try to survive as a cave girl in this very retro point and click game.

Luke Deluxe Walkthrough
Help Luke find the items he needs so he can get married to the annoying lady.

Foreign Creature Walkthrough
A point and click game about changing shapes and sizes!

Cube Escape Seasons Walkthrough
Travel through years and different seasons and try to escape them all! Collect objects and use your brain to help your character find an escape.

Alyssas Quest Walkthrough
Help the elf character through the lands and to complete her epic quest.

Balanzze Walkthrough
Balance the green blocks to keep the in play. Remove the red blocks and enjoy this puzzle physics based game.

Homer Simpson Saw Walkthrough
Pigsaw returns and this time he has the Simpsons family. Play as Homer and try to escape the puzzles and rescue your family.

TwinBots Walkthrough
Try to run to the exit in each level by pressing buttons and moving boxes around so that your little character can jump between large gaps and over tall walls.

Cube Escape The Lake Walkthrough
Point and click around to collect objects and try to escape from the lake house.

Kill Da Guy Walkthrough
Click on different objects to kill the stick figure. Click buttons, rocks and other elements to help the stick figure fall to his death.

No Legs Must Run Walkthrough
The collapsing wall, escaping the worm with a key and a hero with no legs.

Aldo and Gus The Skeleton Key Walkthrough
Help the wizard find the key and escape from the prison.

Please Fix The Road Walkthrough
Copy, rotate and fix the road to create a new path for the vehicles. Use your logic skills to look ahead and place new pathways to the end in this tile based puzzle game from A10.

Glow Path Walkthrough
Move the blocks to create a new path and let the colors flow through the maze. Another new tile based thinking game and of course we have the video walkthrough.

Sneaky Ranch Day 5 Walkthrough
Another day on the ranch and you need to collect items to free yourself to the outside.

Creepos Tales 2 Friday the 13th Walkthrough
Try to escape from Creepo and his horror stories.