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Koala Kid Walkthrough
A cute game about a kid koala. Help solve the puzzle in each level.

Obama Saw Game 2 Walkthrough
Obama returns for another saw nightmare. Help him escape from each situation until you win this new Inka escape game.

Vortex Point 4 Walkthrough
Join Kevin and the gang and help them solve the mystery behind the crimes at the Vortex Point artists square!

Where Is My Beard Walkthrough
Spread your beard to all of the shapes and objects that do not have beards.

Lost Golem Walkthrough
Help the hearty Indian girl to escape through the hostile lands and get back the tribal artifact.

Balloons vs. Zombies 3 Walkthrough
Place balloons on the zombies to float the up towards the spikes. Remove all of the undead from each level to move to the next.

Garage Escape Walkthrough
Use different tools and car parts to help you find your way from the locked garage.

Green Upstairs Room Escape Walkthrough
This game is full of green furniture! Use different clues, objects and hints scattered around the room to fuel your brain and to escape the room.

Lawyer Room Escape Walkthrough
No one likes lawyers, but how about being trapped in a lawyer room? No way man, use clues to find your way from the ugly room.

Cover Orange Journey Pirates Walkthrough
The oranges return in another round of Cover Orange. This time adventure through each pirate themed level, protecting all of the oranges from the falling objects from above. Can you finish all 24 levels in this cute puzzle game?

3 Chairs Room Escape Walkthrough
A new game from EscapeFan is here and will surely make you scratch your head. You need to escape the room which has not one, not two, but three chairs. Use clues and different elements to get out of this room.

Sea Shark Cave Escape Walkthrough
You are stuck in the scary shark cave! Use different objects scattered around the room to get the heck out of the sea cave.

Recovery Room Escape Walkthrough
You are trapped in the recovery room. You have relaxed far too much so now you need to get out. But oh no, you are stuck. Click on different objects and try to find your way out. Walkthrough included.

Private Room Escape Walkthrough
Time to find your way from the private room. A very fun escape game 2 play.

Blue Room Escape 2 Walkthrough
Search for any item that will help you escape from this blue colored room. Search over, under and between every nook and cranny until you figure out how to escape.

Monkey Go Happy Tales Walkthrough
The sad moneys return, this time they adventure through fairy tales. Click on objects and help all of the characters be happy in each of the five stages. Complete the first four stages to unlock the fifth in this cute point and click game.

Toilet Success 3 Walkthrough
A second sequel to the 3 million hits Toilet Success is here! Your goal in this game is to help the nerds reach the toilet by making them roll. Click, remove or alter your surroundings to make the geek spin their way to the toilet! Enjoy this conclusion to the most immature game series to hit the internet!

Rise Of The Plants Walkthrough
Plants are conquering the Earth. Help the doctor who started it to end it before it's too late!

O-Shaped Ninjas Walkthrough
Slice and dice though the wooden blocks to take out all of the enemy ninjas. Be aware of each enemy type and how many moves you have so that you can successfully complete each level. More and more difficulties come into play as you progress through the game. Use your best logic skills to finish all of the 20 levels.

Pro Escape 2 Walkthrough
Pro Escape journey continues with even bigger challenge!

Saucy Devil Gordon Walkthrough
Are you ready for some treasure hunting? If so, join

Diamonds Chase Walkthrough
Travel through the old mines and see if you have what it takes to find the lost diamonds!

Submachine 9: The Temple Walkthrough
The series continues! Use different objects to complete your quest in the Submachine game. HD version available through the game.

Dig to China Walkthrough
Dig through a billion blocks en route straight to China. Collect resources, buy upgrades, get as deep as you can before the time runs out.

I Saw Them Walkthrough
Drop the saws on top of the zombies to take them all out. Can you complete each stage in this bloody puzzle game?

World Cup Rescue Walkthrough
Help save the day by rescuing the world cup trophy.

Love Tales Walkthrough
Help the Cupid guy to shoot some love arrows and find the true love to himself as well!

Color Instinct Walkthrough
Launch the ball from cannon to cannon, changing its color as you desire. Collect all of the stars while matching the correct color the complete each level. Can you complete all 27 levels and the secret level in this skill based puzzle game?

Pro Escape Walkthrough
Feeling like an escaping pro? Let's see if you can handle this one!

Tainted Olive: Chapter 1 Walkthrough
Work an odd job to pay back the gold you owe. The first part in a six part series featuring hand drawn elements.

Potbelly Hill Mystery Walkthrough
Join Thomas Smith and his team of archaeologists in Turkey to investigate the temple ruins they've recently discovered.

Kind Knight Walkthrough
Help the noble knight to travel across the medieval lands and save the princess from the evil wizard!

Valentine Girl Escape Walkthrough
Help the valentine girl escape from the room!

Death Lab Walkthrough
Use a variety of weapons to kill all of the soldiers in this puzzle action game. Change your weapon as needed to take out all of the targets within the given ammo. Can you complete each mission and give back good lab results to become a killing machine?

Trollface Quest 4 Walkthrough
Complete the epic troll quest. Can you finish all of the levels or will you be trolled hard!

Day In Chernobyl Walkthrough
Help the poor kid who lost his classmates while the class trip to survive the day in Chernobyl and find the way to escape!

Paper Doors Escape Walkthrough
Fun click play puzzle game. Look for useful clues find the key to open all locked paper doors. Good luck!

Swapster Walkthrough
Swap the blocks to remove all of the bad purple blocks while keeping all of the good orange blocks in play.

The Impossible Quiz: Book Chapter 2 Walkthrough
The hardest quiz on the internet returns with more questions that will leave you scratching your head. Can you solve and answer all of the questions to The Impossible Quiz: Book Chapter 2?

Escape the Office Walkthrough
No story, no plot or motive. Just all you need to know is you are trapped and you need to escape. Find your way out of the locked office.

Cam The Camera Walkthrough
Help the funny camera called Cam to travel through the city and become the gift of the year!

Dakota Winchester's Adventures Walkthrough
Hilda's mysterious box possess the secret of eternal life, but to open it you first must find three unique rubies that were scattered all around the globe long time ago. Help Dr. Winchester find these rubies and solve the mystery of Hilda's box.

LinkageDraw Walkthrough
Connect the shapes and gears so that your red pens will draw the shapes given. Extremely difficult puzzle game.

Electro Appliances Walkthrough
Connect the electricity in each level. Click on items to remove them and let the currents flow.

Legendary Escape 2 Walkthrough
A sequel to a highly popular first part. Again you have to figure out how to escape different themed rooms using your brain teasing skills!

Army Stacker Walkthrough
Stack the blocks, then put the army soldier block to top of your creation. Stack above a certain line for the higher score.

Panic In Space Walkthrough
Help the soviet cosmonaut to fix the space station and get back to earth in one piece!

Save The Dummy Holidays Walkthrough
The multi-award winning game is back with 25 levels of festive fun. Drop the dummies off of the screen to complete each level.

Where Is 2014 Walkthrough
A point and click adventure game, find 2014. Happy New Years!

10 Is Again Walkthrough
Add the blocks up to 10 in this fun sliding logic game.