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Run Back Home Walkthrough
Place toys into gaps to help the car get back home in each of the logic based puzzle levels.

Strange Magic Escape Walkthrough
Attempt to escape from this strange and magical place! Pick up items to use in your hunt to get back home.

Yal Tower Place Escape Walkthrough
Attempt to escape from the tall spooky tower in yet another point and click game.

Wheely 7 Walkthrough
Help your red car complete all of the tasks in each logic based level.

Slenderman Winter Edition Walkthrough
Another horror escape game is coming your way with Slenderman. It is snowy and cold and you need to survive the challenge.

Scary Cemetery Escape Walkthrough
Can you use the nearby tools to escape from this very scary cemetery?

Outlast Escape Walkthrough
Outlast all of the horrors and survive this spooky escape game.

Piggy Wiggy 4 Zombie Edition Walkthrough
Help the zombie pigs eat all of the yummy brains in each level. Avoid spikes and other deadly objects to make all of the piggy wiggles happy!

SoFu Cafe Walkthrough
Another epic Japanese style point and click escape game that takes place inside of a cafe.

Escape The Car Hd Walkthrough
Can you escape from the car in this high definition remake of this classic flash escape game?

Noobies Invasion Walkthrough
Trap all of the cute little noobies so that they can not invade your town.

Presidents vs Terrorists Walkthrough
Help the presidents of all of the powerful nations take charge and launch the evil terrorists! Send the masked mad men into the sky and punish them for their evil crimes.

Forgotten Hill Fall Walkthrough
Can you find enough objects scattered around the haunted house to escape from the locked room?

Insanitorium Walkthrough
Can you escape from the insanitorium using only a few objects at your disposal?

Robot Quest Walkthrough
Can you help this cute robot collect all of the stars on his way to the exit? There are 30 unique and challenging levels you have to complete before your quest is complete.

Sneaky Mission Denver Walkthrough
Your job takes you to downtown Denver and your goal is to solve the latest murder mystery in this sneaky mission puzzle game.

RobinCat Walkthrough
Help this robin hood cat steal from the rich kitty cats and give back to the poor.

Piggy in the Puddle 3 Walkthrough
Collect golden acorns and get the pig into the big puddle of mud.

Aborigines Walkthrough
Blast the ugly aliens creatures away in each physics based puzzle level.

Ultimate Clicker Squad Walkthrough
Click on the monsters to kill them and collect gold. Then upgrade your squad, purchase spells and keep clicking the day away in this addicting idle game from Y8.

Ninjago Energy Spinner Battle Walkthrough
Choose your Ninjago hero to enter the battle arena as you attempt to spin your opponent off of the edge.

Teleporting Kittens Walkthrough
Change the positions of the cute kittens and the angry dogs to knock all of the dogs off of the edge in this Cats vs Gods puzzle game.

Word Play 3 Walkthrough
Find the word based on the image in each of the 15 stages.

Bullet Phaze Walkthrough
Help your little friend navigate through each level by changing colors in order to pass through walls, deadly objects and other platforms that will stop you from getting to the exit.

Where Is 2016 Walkthrough
Can you find 2016 in this point and click puzzle game in order to ring in the New Year?

Safari Time 2 Walkthrough
Help the zebra drive his car to the end of the level by dropping and removing different shapes.

Fillz Walkthrough
Drag and drop the shapes into the empty spaces to complete each puzzle based level. Attempt to complete each of the levels in as few moves as possible.

Monster Love Walkthrough
Find some candy so you can take the girl out on a date.

Trollface Clicker Walkthrough
Keep clicking the face to unlock new and upgraded troll faces in this very odd idle style game.

Team of Robbers 2 Walkthrough
Think ahead, shift between your team mates and steal all of the money and gems from each level.

Cosmoboy Walkthrough
Help the astronaut travel through space collecting stars and navigating to the exit.

Monkey GO Happy Elves Walkthrough
Find the hidden elf in each level to make your monkey super happy in the cutest Christmas game ever!

Easy Joe 4 Walkthrough
Attempt to complete the latest Easy Joe puzzle game! More reckless fun to be had.

Cloud Wars SnowFall Walkthrough
The angry clouds return with more strategy war fun. This time around it is the winter and the clouds are full of snow. Complete each level by launching your troops at the enemy clouds until you control the skys.

Submachine 10 the Exit Walkthrough
The final game is here in the famous Submachine series. Explore the city around you as you have finally completed your mission after 10 years.

Ninja Salvager Walkthrough
Move the ninja around the level saving princess, collecting keys to unlock the exit and then finally moving to the exit. Avoid any sharp objects that will harm you as you attempt to pass each logic based level in this fun puzzle game by 8iz.com.

Mr Splibox The Christmas Story Walkthrough
Mr Splibox returns with a Christmas themed puzzle game! Drop boxes from your butt to help you make your way to the exit in each thinking based level.

Growing Ties Walkthrough
Cut and drop ties onto the men to earn points. Get combination bonus points for doing two or more in a row.

Santa Climb Here Walkthrough
How high can you help Santa climb in this distance style jumping game from 8iz? Collect rockets, jump on springs as you climb towards your goal without falling off the edges.

Amigo Pancho 7 Walkthrough
Attempt to fly your amigo to the top of each level without killing your friend. Avoid spikes, flames and other deadly objects that will end your life.

Tatami Walkthrough
Another very odd room escape game from Japan! Can you collect all of the items you need in order to get out of this odd cartoonish room.

The Watchers Chamber Walkthrough
Can you collect all of the items around the chamber in order to escape from the dark and damp room?

Underground Temple Escape Walkthrough
Can you escape from the underground temple in this very fun puzzle game?

Santa Run 3 Walkthrough
Santa returns with more running action! Reach the exit in each level before your timer expires. Attempt to complete the entire game with the limited amount of time given you.

Candy Shop Escape Walkthrough
Escape this candy shop so you can go home and eat something other then sweets.

Jigsaw Santa Escape Walkthrough
Santa needs your help finding all of the jigsaw pieces so that he can escape the room and get back to delivering presents.

The Happy Escape 8 Remake Walkthrough
Help your buddies escape from the Happy room.

Christmas Cat Walkthrough
Bart Bonte does it again with another hand drawn cute puzzle game. You need to recover all 20 christmas bulbs that fell off of your tree thanks to your cat. Can you find all 20?

Spaceman 2024 Walkthrough
Your hero Spaceman returns to gun down some ugly aliens in this physics based shooting puzzle game. 2024 is the amount of aliens you need to vanquish in this epic shooter.

Trollface Quest Trolltube Walkthrough
Complete all of the famous youtube video troll quest in this very funny clicker. Troll the scenarios to complete each of the puzzle based levels.