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Abducted by Aliens Walkthrough
After a night of star gazing through your telescope you were mysteriously abducted by some aliens in a UFO! Now you need to use hints and clues as you collect objects and try to get back home in this very fun and free point and click puzzle game.

Sweet Revenge Walkthrough
You have had it with your grand children always asking for money to buy candy. Adventure to the candy store and take revenge in the best way you see fit!

Monsterland 4 Walkthrough
The annoying little block returns to wake his father up! Remove blocks from play to drop the pesky pair on top of the old block to awake him from his slumber. A very cute and funny physics based puzzle game that is very fun to play.

Wilderness Survival 2 Walkthrough
You are trapped in the middle of nowhere and you need to find your way back home. Avoid dangerous animals as you embark in this puzzle escape! Solve clues and get out of the woods.

Adam and Eve 2 Walkthrough
The power duo return for more pointing and clicking fun. Help Adam escape from the cages and get back to his one true love. Move through the prehistoric lands in this nicely drawn mouse puzzle game.

Monkey Go Happy Dragon Walkthrough
Help the cute monkeys adventure through each level on the way to the top of the castle to unleash the almighty dragon. Help these animals go from sad to happy by completing each puzzle.

History Museum Escape Walkthrough
You have been locked inside the ancient museum which features arts and other objects from different time periods. Gather as many objects as you can as you figure out clues and hints which will help you escape the building.

Jellydad Hero Walkthrough
You have been set free now it is time to navigate through the doors and get to your family. Absorb objects as you climb through this platformer.

Escape the Harvest Festival Walkthrough
It is your favorite time of year because it is time for your favorite outdoor festival. But this time you have been trapped inside the farm. Use clues and hints to help you escape in the latest game from Flonga.

Time Travel Survival 2 Walkthrough
Adventure through the prehistoric time and try to survive until you make it back to present day. The old days were very dangerous and you need to collect tools and figure out puzzles to keep your head intact.

Gray House Walkthrough
Another point and click escape game featuring a big house which you are locked into. Solve the puzzles and unlock the door to get out of there.

Burn Everything Walkthrough
Light everything on fire in this unique puzzle game. Place the wood and objects in a way so you can easily ignite all of the things. Move your match in a way so you can burn everything down to a crisp.

Feed Me Moar 3 Walkthrough
Feed all of the monsters using different cannons, magnets and other objects. These monsters are happy and they want the yummy goo.

Skip Around the World Walkthrough
Help skip travel around the world in this point and click game sponsored by Finland! Adventure the globe seeing all of the sights you want to see.

BlueDoor Walkthrough
Navigate to the blue door while avoiding the red pieces. You can smash into the red pieces from their backs. Attempt to move through each stage as the puzzles get increasing difficult.

Phoenotopia Walkthrough
Can you solve the mystery of who kidnapped your friend in this Zelda style platform action game. Start your quest to save your friend in this one of a kind flash game.

Robo Trobo Walkthrough
Help the robot to the flag by fixing and repairing different problems in the level. Click on a variety of objects until you get this cute little robot to the exit. Another cute puzzle game from Pegas.

Sherlock Holmes The Tea Shop Walkthrough
Solve the mystery of who killed Mr T the owner of the local tea shop. Pick up on different clues and talk to some of the locals to gather the data and solve the puzzle.

Magicians 2 Walkthrough
Help the red magician get to the exit by using magic and help from the other magicians in the level. Avoid traps and other obstacles as you get to the door to move to the next level in this fun platform based puzzle game.

People on My Lawn 3 Walkthrough
Time to get all of these pesky human beings off of your lawn! Help the aliens launch rockets and blow up all of the humans to remove them from where they do not belong. Use a variety of objects and gadgets to twist and move the rockets in the correct location.

The Deepest Sleep Walkthrough
A spooky point and click escape game that will have you sweating at the palms. Adventure through the dark house and figure out if you are sleeping or if this is all real. Turn down the lights and put on headphones for the full effect of this awesome adventure.

Nekra Psaria Walkthrough
A very creepy point and click escape style game with a very unique art style. Adventure this strange world that is call Nekra Psaria and try to solve the strange puzzles.

Donutosaur Walkthrough
Help the cute dinosaur eat the donut in each level by clicking on different objects. Think ahead and help feed your hungry pet.

Feed Me Moar 2 Walkthrough
Feed all of the monsters their liquid goo to make them happy. Remove objects and light fires under the creatures to get them all to the goal!

Casualty Camp Walkthrough
Take care of all 8 stick figures in this bloody puzzle game. Remove all of the people from the camp ground in the return of the casualty series from Bored.

Raze 3 Walkthrough
The epic adventure shooter returns with an all new campaign mode. Complete the human campaign to unlock the alien story line. Play against real online players in the multiplayer mode.

Quebrix Walkthrough
Move the tiles around to create the picture. Some blocks are locked so think ahead to match the picture. Each picture comes with fun facts that will have you learning as you solve each puzzle.

Cut The Monster 2 Walkthrough
Use your laser cannon and other objects to burst all of the monsters into flames.

Monkey Go Happy Sci-Fi 2 Walkthrough
Solve the puzzles to stop the asteroids from slamming into your ship and make those three sad monkeys happy again! The cute monkeys return in this cute science fiction themed puzzle game.

Snowday Walkthrough
It's a snowday! The schools are closed and a snowman building contest is taking place at your town! Think you can win the 1st place?

Famous Sculptures Parody Walkthrough
Each sculpture has been parodied using a funny image or meme. Use your best judgement and knowledge to answer each of the answers correctly. How well do you know your famous sculptures? Find out in this funny quiz game.

Globy Walkthrough
Move the pieces around the board to light up each of the yellow characters.

Cover Orange Journey Wild West Walkthrough
The fragile oranges return for a wild wild west physics adventure. Stack blocks and other objects on top of oranges to protect them from the falling rocks.

Glitch Lab Walkthrough
Each level contains a glitch which will help you get to the door. This game will leave you scratching your head and pounding your keyboard in attempts to pass each stage.

Raccoons Adventure Walkthrough
Help the little raccoon to find fer way back to the nature!

Project Alnilam Walkthrough
Move all of the green balls to the portal within the given moves limit. A very hard and addicting puzzle game will leave you itching your head to try to figure out each of the new puzzles.

Stickman Jam Sticktanic Walkthrough
Click on different objects to give all of the stick figures a bloody death. Be careful not to alert the other stickmen of your evil plans. If they see another dead person then the gig is up and you have to start all over.

Back To Earth Walkthrough
Help the girl who was kidnapped by the aliens to get back to earth!

Killer Escape 3 Walkthrough
The killer escape series continues with more thought provoking point and click adventuring. Can you solve all of the puzzles and escape the building in enough time.

Squid Skid Walkthrough
Your goal is to unlock the octopus from his chains. Move through the level in only one direction until you land on the key. Complete this task in each level until you have completed all 30 levels.

Trollface Quest 5 Walkthrough
Complete each stage so you do not get trolled. Another trollface quest for you to complete with all new graphics and a new theme!

Monkey Go Happy Sci-fi Walkthrough
The cutest moneys return for a sci fi adventure! Complete each puzzle to make them flip their hats in happiness.

Ray And Cooper 2 Walkthrough
Three nights ago Ray and Cooper went missing. It is time for Small Town Detective Paul Maxstrong to solve the mystery once and for all!

Need For Vacation Walkthrough
Help the office worker to break out from the routine and find a perfect place for a vacation.

Face Shot 2 Walkthrough
The return of Face shot! Aim your guns towards the face balloons and pop them all to move to the next level. Very fun sequel with new guns and new modes to master.

Arties Dreams Walkthrough
Artie has dreams, very weird dreams. Swing from object to object while collecting carrots in this bizarre and colorful puzzle game.

Tales of Carmelot Walkthrough
Find the missing pot of gold in this fun point and click adventure game. Talk to different characters and search each of the different rooms until you get that gold.

Disaster Will Strike 3 Walkthrough
The series continues with a bunch of new levels and natural disasters you can use. Crack all of those pesky eggs in this fun new puzzle game.

The Adventure of Two Walkthrough
Help the two characters get to the exit by using team work. A very fun platform based puzzle game with some cute graphics.

Reincarnation LEET Walkthrough
Help the gaming nerd figure out all of the puzzles in this continuation of the Reincarnation series.