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Sideomorph Walkthrough
Very fun logic based platform puzzle game from Dojo. Move through the block level and push the walls so gravity changes to make it possible for you to walk to the exit.

Footprints Walkthrough
Move your piece throughout the level without going over your own footprints. Collect keys and get to the exit in each logic based level.

Tricky Drive Walkthrough
Place objects to fill gaps and other obstacles to help the vehicles to pass through each stage.

Theropods Walkthrough
Click on items and try to survive as a cave girl in this very retro point and click game.

Luke Deluxe Walkthrough
Help Luke find the items he needs so he can get married to the annoying lady.

Foreign Creature Walkthrough
A point and click game about changing shapes and sizes!

Cube Escape Seasons Walkthrough
Travel through years and different seasons and try to escape them all! Collect objects and use your brain to help your character find an escape.

Alyssas Quest Walkthrough
Help the elf character through the lands and to complete her epic quest.

Balanzze Walkthrough
Balance the green blocks to keep the in play. Remove the red blocks and enjoy this puzzle physics based game.

Homer Simpson Saw Walkthrough
Pigsaw returns and this time he has the Simpsons family. Play as Homer and try to escape the puzzles and rescue your family.

TwinBots Walkthrough
Try to run to the exit in each level by pressing buttons and moving boxes around so that your little character can jump between large gaps and over tall walls.

Cube Escape The Lake Walkthrough
Point and click around to collect objects and try to escape from the lake house.

Kill Da Guy Walkthrough
Click on different objects to kill the stick figure. Click buttons, rocks and other elements to help the stick figure fall to his death.

No Legs Must Run Walkthrough
The collapsing wall, escaping the worm with a key and a hero with no legs.

Aldo and Gus The Skeleton Key Walkthrough
Help the wizard find the key and escape from the prison.

Please Fix The Road Walkthrough
Copy, rotate and fix the road to create a new path for the vehicles. Use your logic skills to look ahead and place new pathways to the end in this tile based puzzle game from A10.

Glow Path Walkthrough
Move the blocks to create a new path and let the colors flow through the maze. Another new tile based thinking game and of course we have the video walkthrough.

Sneaky Ranch Day 5 Walkthrough
Another day on the ranch and you need to collect items to free yourself to the outside.

Creepos Tales 2 Friday the 13th Walkthrough
Try to escape from Creepo and his horror stories.

Zombonarium Walkthrough
Move the head to the body to complete the zombie in each physics based level.

Monkey Go Happy Eggs Walkthrough
Happy Easter! Help the sad monkeys collect all of the easter eggs to stop all of the crying.

Money Movers 2 Walkthrough
Use team work to collect money and escape the jail cell.

Monkey Go Happy Ninjas Walkthrough
Find all of the little monkey ninjas as you attempt to make the bigger moneys happy in each stage.

Exploding Penguins Walkthrough
Help the penguin collect fish and safely navigate to the girl penguin in each level.

Love Burger Walkthrough
Another point and click adventure game where you need to make the angry couple a burger that they will fall in love with.

Monkey Go Happy Leprechauns Walkthrough
The monkeys return for a Saint Patricks Day game! Help find all of the items so that the monkeys go happy.

Monkey Go Happy Talisman Walkthrough
The miserable monkeys return and they need your help finding the talisman so that they can be happy!

MineQuest Idle Walkthrough
Mine rocks and gems. Use the materials you gather to craft better pickaxes. Buy upgrades to improve your mining and crafting abilities. Mine better rocks with your improved abilities, and repeat the process.

Anitas Job Walkthrough
You job is to find the lost items for the girl. Adventure the park and find the items to finish a hard days work.

Tammy Jo Superstar Walkthrough
You work for a super star, help complete different tasks for the rock star.

Get Rid of The Weeds Walkthrough
In this isometric puzzle game, your mission is to get rid all the weeds using the selection of limited lawn mowers. Try to figure out where to put and what direction to use of each lawn mower.

Courage Saw Game Walkthrough
Pigsaw returns and this time he is tormenting Courage the Cowardly Dog with a bunch of horrifying puzzles.

Piggy Wiggy 3 Walkthrough
Connect the pigs to the platforms and sling them around so you can collect all of the stars.

Mourn Walkthrough
Collect pick axes to break down each door to the next level. A very fun platform puzzle style game with spikes, ghosts and more fun objects.

Zomback 2 Walkthrough
Help the zombies fall into the potion to turn them back into humans.

Cubestern Walkthrough
Remove blocks using your bullets to make all of the outlaws fall into the jail area.

Amigo Pancho 5 Walkthrough
Keep at least one balloon inflated to help the amigo fly high into the sky. Collect stars and avoid spikes in this fun physics puzzle game form A10.

Do Not Escape 2 Walkthrough
This is the opposite of an escape game. There are zombies outside so barricade yourself in the house.

The Poke-Moron Test 2 Walkthrough
The Pokemon Moron test returns with new questions and harder quests for you to try to beat. How well do you know the Poke universe?

Wheely 4 Walkthrough
Help Wheely pass each level and try to return home after a trip through the time machine! The cute red car returns for more hijinks and puzzles for you to pass.

Ghostscape 3D Walkthrough
A 3D haunted house escape game that is for mature audiences. This game can be scary, you have been warned.

A Day at the Library Walkthrough
Adventure the library and try to complete your goal of keeping all of the youngsters quite.

Disaster Will Strike 4 Walkthrough
Can you use a variety of natural disasters to kill all of the eggs in each level? Think ahead and try to shake, move or burn all of the enemy eggs.

3 Pandas in Japan Walkthrough
A cute point and click adventure game about 3 pandas trying to make it back home. Help these buddies escape the streets of Japan and make it to the end.

Sweet Drmzzz Walkthrough
A cute and fun point and click adventure game about your dreams. Put the character asleep then navigate the dream until it is time to wake up.

Piggy in the Puddle 2 Walkthrough
Try to push the clean into the puddle to complete each level.

Invert Selection Level Pack Walkthrough
Invert the blocks to match the image in the left. You only have a certain amount of moves so think ahead and give it your best shot!

Can You Sign Messi Walkthrough
Adventure around the soccer stadium and collect items to help the agent sign one of the best players in the league.

Shifter Walkthrough
Shift the stage to help your cute character get to the door in each level. Think ahead and move the pieces together to fit the puzzle.

Monkey Go Happy Western Walkthrough
Help the monkeys go happy in this western theme point and click puzzle game.