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ingo_delete 1
144 months ago
Good game with hours of gameplay if you aim for all achievements. It could need some more different levels and monsters though, it gets a bit one sided after a short while.
soothsayer 14
144 months ago
After having played this for quite some time, I can find only a few faults; as Ingolfo mentioned, different level arrangements would be nice (place some obstacles so it's harder to maneuver), and I would include an option to change the key configuration... and allow for multiple inventory pages, for those who are trying to collect one of everything.
assassin4ever 8
129 months ago
cool game
cmpunk 2
119 months ago
best game also help me to get on the top comment
KentuckyDippe r1 6
120 months ago
fun game and i love the easy achievements. id like to see a rage arena 2
Don Revan
Don Revan "Don Corleone" 23
127 months ago
So am i i wanted to see the Rage arena 2
Derpson 2
100 months ago
Hours and Hours of fun.
Shawn 31
115 months ago
awesome game
lover 4
119 months ago
this is a relly good game!!!!!
Ray106634 2
125 months ago
gratest game ever
assassians creed
assassians creed 14
126 months ago
thanks for this game dom
Polokid24 30
127 months ago
Still playing this game since 2010.
Don Revan
Don Revan "Don Corleone" 23
130 months ago
sell your weapon
Epic $miley
Epic $miley 18
131 months ago
Awesome sauce
Epic $miley
Epic $miley 18
137 months ago
After playing it for 15 minutes it is actually a pretty good game except there is only one level,little kinds of zombies, some of the achievements are a little to easy, lags up when you have to defeat the boss, but in all, good game.
Epic $miley
Epic $miley 18
138 months ago
R or shift
twannBAB9 19
140 months ago
it's a good game, because it is a very long game, and i like that
Drunk Spider
Drunk Spider 5
140 months ago
This games is boss. I like the unique weapons and armor. I love the 50 Cal.
Oglop 7
141 months ago
Getting all the achievments in game is haaaaaaaaard >:(
ipman123 9
143 months ago
thumbs up if you like GamesButler!
ganja john
ganja john 19
144 months ago
yay i am above ingolfo dude your amazing like number 1 on all games ya pretty sweet game bene playing for 10 hours lol
Hall#2 20
144 months ago
best game on gamesbutler
|Random|TOXIC ! 11
144 months ago
gats boring after a while
|Random$|king fabianthe3 25
144 months ago
this game is addicting
dom Admin
144 months ago
a few badges don't work in game. there should be a fix but if you think you should have the last achievement just take a screen shot and report the error
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