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purpleplacelo ver 1
4 months ago
this game is NOT purple place, I am very upset you need to fix this immediately! I can not stress this enough. purple place is loved by many and this is just a disgrace and I am very disappointed in gamesbutler for this. thank you for you time - purple place lover
im upset. fix this now
iWantPurplePl ace 1
2 months ago
This is rubbish. I agree with the above two comments, this issue needs to be rectified; right forking now! I am disappointed in this website, as I have been using it for years and am an avid fan of both this website as well as purple place (the game which I came here to PLAY). Cheers and I can't wait to play Purple Place with you soon.
WHAT THE CRUD!!!!!! this is NOT ACCEPTABLE WE WANT PURPLE PLACE FRICC DIS @gamesbutler pay for my apple music or i will report this immediatley YOU HAVE 5 DAYS @GAMESBUTLER @GAMESBUTLER this is booty cheecks
Purpleplace4l ife 1
1 month ago
Sorry... I wanted to play Purple Place, but I guess it's not here? Purple Place was one of my childhood games and it's no longer available on my computer. It would be greatly appreciated if you could fix this... Thanks. - Sparkqlez
It won’t even let me play the game