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Paramore 31
76 months ago
Quick tip for the last level on hard for those aiming to get 3 stars : Equip yourself with one healing drone, 3 damage amplifiers(or 2 + 1 metal plate.) Equip yourself with the meteor cannon(Upgrade to the max) and the most expensive spaceship.
If you don't have any bomb left when you get to the final boss,then just destroy his right side.After this, take cover on his right and wait for the healing drone to heal you a bit. Then just attack it on the right and dodge upward right. Do it repeatedly till it gets destroyed. When you are on its upward right,the boss can't do any massive damage to your spaceship(just dodge the few 'bullets' it throws your way).
Sofia 35
61 months ago
As Paramore said, plus I just could get 3 stars in the last level on hard without destroying the boss with bombs!
Devourer 38
76 months ago
So HARD at the last Level in HARD mode
TasosP 45
33 months ago
This is a pretty good game.
felipe_3xtrem e 1
38 months ago
can someone give me a tip to get money
Devourer 38
76 months ago
Feel Boring to play because 3 times played same game